Toraya Anstand - recommended menu for cold weather
Soup "Soup" menu recommended for the cold season at Toraya Anstand.


New menu recommended for the cold season

A new menu item to enjoy red bean paste "Anjiruko [Koshi-an] with Okoshi" will be available at Toraya An Stand for the cold season. Anjiruko [sencha], anjiruko [amazake], anjiruko [keemun black tea], and anjiruko [chai] will also be available in succession, changing according to the time of year. All prices include tax.

Anjiruko [Koshi-an] with


The "Anjiruko [Koshi-an] with Okoshi" is made with sweet red bean paste, thickened with Yoshino-honkatsu and topped with a savory baked white rice cake. It is characterized by the sweetness of the red bean paste and its pleasant aftertaste.

The crispy texture of the glutinous rice rice cake is accented with walnuts and a salty taste. It can be enjoyed as is or dipped in soup stock as desired.

The price is 721 yen. On sale from November 18, 2022 to February 16, 2023.

Toraya An Stand "Anjiruko [Koshi-an] with Okoshi
Anjiruko (sweet red bean paste with red bean paste)

Anjiruko [


green tea] "Anjiruko [Sencha green tea]" is made with Sencha green tea, which has a refreshing aftertaste. It is combined with white bean paste made from rare white azuki beans and flavored with ginger. The tea has a pleasantly astringent taste and a refreshing aroma.

The price is 701 yen. It will be on sale from November 18 to December 15, 2022.

Toraya An Stand "Anjiruko [sencha green tea
Anjiruko (sweet red bean paste) [Sencha green tea

Anjiruko [


] "Anjiruko [amazake]" is made with amazake made from rice malt, with no added salt or additives. It is said to offer the rich flavor of amazake and the texture of soft rice.

The price is 701 yen. The product will be on sale from December 16, 2022 to January 12, 2023.

Toraya An Stand "Anjiruko [Sweet Sake]".
Anjiruko (sweet red bean soup)


[Keemun Black Tea] "Anjiruko [Keemun Black Tea]" is made with Keemun black tea, one of the world's three major teas. The sweet aroma has a slight smoky flavor. It is filled with a white bean cake covered with brown sugar, and when you bite into it, the deep and rich flavor of the brown sugar will spread in your mouth.

The price is 701 yen. The product will be on sale from January 13 to February 2, 2023.

Toraya An Stand "Anjiruko [Kymun Black Tea]".
Anjiruko [sweet red bean soup stock] [keemun black tea

Anjiruko [


] "Anjiruko [Chai]" is based on Assam tea, with cardamom and ginger mixed in. It is characterized by its refreshing aroma and spicy, clean aftertaste.

The price is 701 yen. It will be on sale from February 3 to 16, 2023.

Toraya An Stand "Anjiruko [chai]" (bean paste soup [chai])
Anjiruko [chai]