Fujiya "Look (Strawberry Buffet)

Fujiya New Look New Country Ma'am

New "Look (Strawberry Buffet)" and "Country Ma'am (Amaou Strawberry Dolce)" using special strawberries from Fujiya's long-selling "Look" and "Country Ma'am" products will be available. Limited time offer.

Fujiya Look (Strawberry Buffet)

Four types of branded strawberries, "Amaou Strawberry" from Fukuoka Prefecture, "Yubeni" from Kumamoto Prefecture, "Awayuki" from Nara Prefecture, and "Pearl White" from Nara Prefecture, are wrapped in milk chocolate and filled with cream to enjoy eating them all together.

Fujiya "Look (Strawberry Buffet)

Amaou Strawberry: Dark red and glossy looking, popular for its well-balanced taste.
Yubeni: Bright red strawberries with a rich juice that has a low acidity and a sweetness that is enhanced by its low acidity.
Tansuki: A light-colored strawberry with a gentle fragrance and moderate sweetness.
Pearl White: A pure white strawberry with a strong aroma, elegant sweetness, and a fresh texture.

The product will go on sale on November 8. The product contains 12 pieces and is priced at 141 yen (tax included, same as below).

Country Mam (Amao Strawberry Dolce)

The juice of Amao strawberries and fresh Hokkaido cream are kneaded into the dough and baked together with smooth white chocolate chips and sweet chocolate chips to create a luxurious "strawberry dolce" image of this limited time Country Ma'am.

Fujiya "Country Ma'am (Amao Strawberry Dolce)

The release date is November 8. The product contains 14 pieces and is priced at 324 yen. Country Ma'am Mini (Amao Strawberry Dolce)" will also be sold exclusively at convenience stores. It contains 42g (1.48oz) and is priced at 108 yen.