Nenrin-ka "Mount Balm Brownie

Nenrinke "Mount Balm Brownie" Winter Limited Edition Baumkuchen

Winter limited edition baumkuchen "Mount Balm Brownie" will go on sale at Nenrinke stores on November 1. Mail order reservations will be accepted from October 28. The price is 1,080 yen (tax included).

Mount Balm Brownie

The winter specialty "Mount Balm Brownie" is now available from Nenrin-ke, and has been receiving a lot of positive feedback on social networking sites, with comments such as "The rich flavor is just right! The deep chocolate flavor is very popular on social networking sites, with comments such as, "The rich flavor is just right," "The cacao is so aromatic," and "It's plump and delicious.

Rich chocolate dough

The secret to the deliciousness of the Mount Baum Brownie is the rich chocolate. The chocolate dough is infused with century-old cocoa from the Swiss company Ferklein and cacao mass, the essence of chocolate, and baked slowly to mature the flavor. The deep richness of cocoa and the taste of chocolate are carefully locked in layer by layer in a thick baking process for an authentic taste.

Nenrin-ka "Mount Balm Brownie

In addition to Nenrin-ke's traditional "crispy on the outside, moist and matured on the inside" texture, it can also be enjoyed in thin slices, with a texture like a real brownie. This is a winter baumkuchen that perfectly fits the word "luxurious".

Nenrin-ka "Mount Balm Brownie

A simple warming arrangement is also recommended. Warm each baumkuchen in the microwave for 40 seconds at 500W without wrapping it in plastic wrap, and it will taste as good as if it were freshly baked.

Nenrin-ka "Mount Balm Brownie

Nenrin-ke (Ginza main store, Daimaru Tokyo store, Seibu Ikebukuro store, Sogo Yokohama store, Hankyu Umeda store, JR Tokyo Station HANAGATAYA Tokyo store, JR Shinagawa Station Ecute Shinagawa store, Haneda Airport Terminal Building 1 store, Haneda Airport Terminal Building 2 store). Sales period is from November 1, 2022 to around February 18, 2023.

The official online store "Pak and Mog" accepts orders from October 28, 2022 to February 11, 2023. The sale will end when the products are gone.