Famima "My Hero Academia: Manmaru Yaki

Famima Boku no Hero Academia Manmaru Yaki

Chilled dessert "My Hero Academia Manmaru Yaki" will be available at FamilyMart. The price is 198 yen (tax included). The release date is October 25. The quantity is limited.

My Hero Academia: Manmaru Yaki

Bandai's popular "Manmaru-Yaki" series of dough balls filled with cream. This fall, the popular "My Hero Academia" anime, which began airing its sixth season on October 1, makes a new appearance in the series.

The white sticky dough is branded with the designs of Midoriya Izuhisa, Bakugou Katsumi, Reichi Ochako, and Todoroki Jotetsu (four designs in total). The dough is filled with cheese cream. The creamy taste with just the right amount of sourness goes perfectly with the sticky dough.

Famima "My Hero Academia: Manmaru Yaki

A total of 10 types of "round stickers" are randomly included in the package. The design is a "cool and cute" American POP style. The stickers include one of the 10 designs of the students of Class 1A of the Hero Course at Yuuei High School, professional heroes, and members of the Supernatural Liberation Front, and you will have to wait until you open the bag to see which one you get.

What is Manmaru-yaki?

It is a chilled sweet with a cream-filled Imagawa-yaki of approximately 65 mm in diameter, decorated with a cute branding. In addition, a random sticker is included.