Jagarico New Flavor "Jagarico Pork Shoga-yaki Flavor L Size".

Calbee Jagarico - Pork Gingerbread Flavor - L Size

Calbee's unique manufacturing process gives the Jagarico brand a pleasant "crispy at first, crunchy later" texture, and a new flavor "Jagarico Pork Shoga-yaki Flavor L-Size" is now on sale. It will be sold exclusively at convenience stores from October 24, and is scheduled to be discontinued in late February 2023. The product will be available at convenience stores only from October, and will be sold until the end of February 2023.

Jagarico Pork Shoga-yaki Flavor L Size

The "Jagarico Tongue Shoga-yaki Flavor L-Size" will be sold through the Jagarico members-only fan site "Atsumare! Let's go! Jagarico" (which will be closed at the end of March 2021), a new product development project. The "Pork Shoga-yaki" flavor received the second most votes after the "Garibata Soy Sauce Flavor" (released in May 2021) in the same project, which asked for the flavors people wanted to try in Jagarico.

Flavor of sweet and spicy soy sauce, delicious pork flavor

The unique manufacturing process provides a pleasant "crispy at first, crunchy later" texture. The flavor of the sweet and spicy soy sauce sauce is appetizing, and the more you chew, the more the pork flavor spreads. The stimulating taste of ginger will make you want to eat another one.

The package is themed around an old-fashioned teishoku-ya, with a background reminiscent of a white wooden wall and "noren," a traditional Japanese store curtain. A large photo of the pork gingerbread is used in the design to stimulate the appetite.