Galette Carré" Essire Patisserie Au Bourg Seibu Ikebukuro

Essile Patisserie Au Bourg Seibu Ikebukuro "Galette Carrée

The "Galette Carré" will be on sale at the Seibu Ikebukuro branch of Echire Patisserie Au Bourg, where customers can enjoy Echire butter and other carefully selected pastries. The release date is October 22. The set contains 8 galettes and is priced at 2,376 yen (tax included).

Galette Carré

The popular baked cake "Galette Carrée," which was previously sold in Nagoya, will make its first appearance at the Seibu Ikebukuro store. The "galette carré" is a French word for a "round galette" that is baked into a square (carre), resulting in a crispy texture and a savory aroma. The simple ingredients, such as butter, flour, and eggs, allow you to enjoy the aroma of butter and the original flavor of the baked pastry the moment you put it in your mouth. The addition of salt from Guerande, France as an accent gives the product a rich taste and a lingering aftertaste that is a perfect fusion of richness and a hint of saltiness.

The box is decorated with the ECHIRE logo, and the word "ECHIRE" is printed on the individual packages. The clean and stylish packaging is recommended not only for home use, but also as a casual gift.

What is ECHIRE Butter?

Echire butter is a fermented butter with a creamy texture and mellow aroma produced in the village of Echire in midwestern France, known for its excellent dairy products. Since its establishment in 1894, the company has been using lactic acid bacteria that have been passed down from generation to generation to preserve the traditional taste of its butter.