Dom Dom Burger x Numazu Burger Collaboration "Whole! Crab Burger"

Dom Dom Hamburger x Numazu Burger Collaboration "Whole! Crab Burger"

Hamburger & Cafe Numazu Burger in Numazu Port, Shizuoka, collaborates with "Domdom Hamburger". The collaboration product, "Whole Crab Burger! Crab Burger" will be on sale.

Whole Crab Burger

A dish that allows you to enjoy the delicious taste of soft crab in its entirety in a luxurious way. This popular burger is made with soft-shell crab and served with sweet chili sauce. The freshly molted, soft shell allows you to enjoy the taste of the whole crab. Priced at 1,180 yen for an individual burger or 1,720 yen for a set (tax included).

Dream collaboration between Domdom Burger and Numazu Burger

Mr. Miki, the president of Numazu Burger, used to be a manager at "Domdom Burger," which led to the decision to collaborate with the restaurant. The "Marugoto Crab Burger," an extravagant and luxurious "whole crab burger" with a soft-shell crab sandwich, is already a very popular item at Domdom Burger's Ginza branch. This is also available at "Numazu Burger" in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Amid the rows of famous seafood restaurants in Numazu Port, "Numazu Burger" in front of the Deep Sea Fish Aquarium is a fish-based hamburger café store that is often featured on TV and other media. You can eat in or To go. Or take it out and enjoy it while looking at the vast and pleasant sea! It is recommended as a memorable part of your visit to Numazu.

About Numazu Burger

Numazu Burger is a fish-centered hamburger café located in Numazu Port, offering a wide variety of menu items centered around delicious local ingredients and fish from Shizuoka Prefecture. We focus on the power of products that can only be found here, such as the deep-sea fish burger, the golden threadfin bream burger, the tuna burger, and the shark burger.