Rurubu Marugame Seimen x Rurubu Collaboration Mook Book "Rurubu Marugame Seimen

Marugame-Seimen x Rurubu Collaboration Mook Book

JTB Publishing will release "Rurubu Marugame Seimen" on November 21. This mook book is a collaboration between Sanuki udon specialty restaurant Marugame Seimen and "Rurubu".

Rurubu Marugame Seimen

This mookbook is a collaboration between Sanuki udon specialty restaurant Marugame Seimen, which serves freshly made udon noodles, and "Rurubu". This is the first corporate fan book published by Rurubu, a travel information magazine.

When we looked into the deliciousness of udon, we found that there are particulars everywhere, such as raw materials, in-store noodle production, and freshly fried tempura. This is a book that will make you fall in love with Marugame Seimen even more as you learn more about its charms in depth and in a fun way. The main contents are as follows.

Thorough dissection of the deliciousness of udon with all its "specialties"!

The secret to the delicious taste of udon is the "Marugame texture," which is smooth, glutinous, and firm. The secret to the delicious taste of udon is the "Marugame texture," which is smooth, glutinous, and firm. The ingredients used for udon are 100% domestic wheat flour, salt, and water, and all stores make their noodles in-house, so you can enjoy "freshly made, freshly cooked" udon. We interview Marugame's only "noodle master," who has trained other noodle-making artisans and is striving for even better taste.

The magazine also delves into the particulars of each dish, from the dashi (soup stock) made in the store every few hours, to the tempura fried at the restaurant, to the condiments and seasonings used in the soup. Knowing Marugame Seimen's commitment and "love of udon" that goes into every single bowl of udon, you are sure to enjoy the taste of udon even more.

A thorough introduction to the menu, including 12 standard items, seasonal items, and the hit "Marugame Udon Bento"!

From the classic "kake udon" that you have had at least once, to the irresistible "kama-age udon" with its sticky texture like a white rice ball, and the hearty "bukkake udon," we introduce you to the standard menu items and tempura in a ranking format. The "Marugame Udon Bento", which has sold more than 27 million servings (as of the end of September 2022) since its launch in 2021 by Corona Disaster, also reveals the secret story behind its creation by the person in charge of its development.

The more you know about it, the more you will become a Marugame noodle lover!

The magazine features interviews with Marugame President Yamaguchi, who says, "I respect the taste and tradition of Sanuki udon," and TV personality Natsuko Yokozawa, who once had a part-time job at Marugame Seimen. In addition, the magazine is packed with tidbits of information that are even more fun when you know them, such as close coverage of preparation at stores, miscellaneous trivia and glossary of terms that you may not have known, and limited menus at overseas stores.

Includes a special coupon that you can use starting today!

Includes a coupon for a discount on udon and tempura.

Price: 990 yen (tax included). Available at bookstores nationwide and online from November 21.