Shateraise Pudding "Tokuno Tamago Pudding
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Chateraise "Tokonon Tamago Pudding" and "Tokonon Crème Pudding

Chateraise will release new puddings "Tokonon Tamago Pudding" and "Tokonon Crème Pudding". Check out all the new products!

Tokonon Tamago Pudding

This smooth textured pudding has a rich egg flavor and full-bodied taste. Only the yolks of carefully selected eggs are used in this luxurious pudding, allowing you to enjoy the full flavor and richness of the egg. The sugar used to enhance the rich taste is also carefully selected to create a rich egg pudding. The price is 140 yen (tax included).

Shateraise Pudding "Tokuno Tamago Pudding

Toku-no Nama-no Nama Cream Pudding

A smooth textured pudding with a richer flavor blended with Hokkaido pure fresh cream; by using two types of Hokkaido pure fresh cream, you can taste the deep, rich, thick milk flavor of fresh cream, which is a special feature of this pudding. The price is 162 yen.

Chateraise "Special thick fresh cream pudding

Chateraise's new menu items, "Tokuno Tamago Pudding" and "Tokuno Fresh Cream Pudding. It will be fun to compare them. The availability differs from store to store, so check your nearest store!