Fujiya "Milky can (original shortcake design)
(Image taken from the official website)

Fujiya Milky Tin (Original Shortcake Design)

Fujiya will release "Milky Tin (Original Shortcake Design)". The release date is November 1. The size of the decorative box is 111 x 111 x height 67 mm, and the size of the can is 105 mm in diameter x 50 mm in height. 600 yen (including tax).

Milky can (original shortcake design)

The "Milky Tin (Original Shortcake Design)" is an exact replica of the "Original Shortcake" and Peco and Poco's "Glass Doll Plate," both well-known items from the Fujiya confectionary store. The mini cake boxes with handles are designed to evoke the history of Fujiya. This premium product celebrates two anniversary years: the 100th anniversary of Shortcake and the 112th anniversary of the founding of Fujiya. Shortcake 100th anniversary logo on the can. Inside are 15 pieces of milky.

With its cute appearance, the Fujiya "Milky Can (Original Shortcake Design)" makes a perfect gift. Be sure to check it out when you stop by your local store.