Calbee "Thin Potato Anchovy Mayo Flavor

Calbee "Thin Potato Anchovy Mayo Flavor

A new product from Calbee's thinnest potato chips "Thin Potato" series, "Thin Potato Anchovy Mayo Flavor" will be available at convenience stores nationwide for a limited time from October 24, and will be on sale in early December.

Shin Potato Anchovy Mayo Flavor is a convenience store-only product that combines the unique taste of anchovies with the richness of mayonnaise. The addition of onion and garlic, as well as scallion extract powder, as secret flavors, gives it a rich and satisfying taste.

The new flavor is a "surefire combination" of anchovy and mayonnaise, which was chosen based on consumer feedback such as "I want a robust and satisfying flavor. The new flavor was well received by customers, and the company decided to launch the product nationwide.

The package is a stand-up pack with a zipper, which can be eaten anytime, anywhere. The trendy kraft design and the use of purple for the first time in the Thin Potatoes lineup are designed to catch the eye at the sales floor.

The package contains 30 grams and is priced at around 140 yen (tax included).

Thin Fries

Thin Potato" is Calbee's smallest and lightest potato chip. It took about six years to develop the chips, which incorporate Calbee's first frying technology, use sunflower oil, and undergo hundreds of prototypes to maximize thinness. In August 2021, the brand was rebranded as "Progressive Potato Chips" in response to the changing times, when working styles and snacking patterns are diversifying. The chips have been well received, especially among women, as they are "perfect for snacking" as they can be eaten in a single bite and are light in texture. Currently, two types, "Exquisite Shio Flavor" and "Golden Butter Flavor," are being sold as standard items.