Lotteria "Rilakkuma no Goruri Land ♪ Kids Set

LOTTERIA "Rilakkuma no Goyururi Land♪ Kids Set

LOTTERIA will sell "Rilakkuma no Goyururi Land♪Kids Set" as a product for children in collaboration with Rilakkuma from November 1 until late January 2023.

Rilakkuma no Goyururi Land♪ Kids Set

The "Rilakkuma's Goruri-Land♪ Kids Set" includes a "Kids Set Menu" with a choice of one of four items: "Chicken Cheese Burger," "Kids Cheese Burger," "Kids Teriyaki Burger," or "Chicken Kara-Agetto" and a Rilakkuma toy (one of three types). Available from 10:30am. The sale will end as soon as all items are gone.

A. Chicken Cheeseburger Set

Chicken Cheeseburger" + "S Drink" + "S French Fries". Price: 570 yen (10% tax included, same as below).

Lotteria "Chicken Cheeseburger

B. Kids' Cheeseburger Set

Kids Cheeseburger Set" + "S Drink" + "S French Fries". Price is 570 yen.

Lotteria "Kids Cheeseburger

C. Kids' Teriyaki Burger Set

Kids' Teriyaki Burger + S Drink + S French Fries. Price is 590 yen.

Lotteria "Kids' Teriyaki Burger

D. Chicken Karageetto Set

Chicken Karageetto (3 pcs.) + Drink S + French Fries S. Price is 480 yen.

Lotteria "Chicken Karaageetto (3-pack)

The theme of the Rilakkuma toy is Rilakkuma dreaming of a mysterious amusement park made of sweets; the original design features motifs from the latest artwork "Okashi no Amusement Park" released in July 2022, as well as illustrations from the Lotteria menu.

Rilakkuma Toy "Playing Cards

Playing cards that can be played with family and friends in various games. The design features illustrations of the fun-loving Rilakkumas playing at the amusement park. The size is approximately W46 x H70 mm.

Lotteria "Rilakkuma no Goruri Land ♪ Kids Set

Rilakkuma toy "Tsumiki Puzzle

A fun educational toy with an amusement park design. The 9 pieces are approximately W35 x H35 x D35 mm.

Lotteria "Rilakkuma no Goruri Land ♪ Kids Set

Rilakkuma toy "Rolling Bowling

Roll the ball to knock down the pins. The pins with Rilakkuma and other characters on them can be displayed and enjoyed. 6 pins (approx. W54 x H92mm), 1 ball (approx. 80mm in diameter).

Lotteria "Rilakkuma no Goruri Land ♪ Kids Set

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