KAMEYA MANNENDAI Kumamoto Navona Japanese chestnut and butter

Kameya Mannendo "Kumamoto Navona Japanese chestnut and butter

Kameya Mannendo will be offering a limited time only confectionary, Kumamoto Navona Japanese Chestnut and Butter. It will be sold at room temperature from November 1, 2022 to early January 2023 at 28 direct sales stores in Tokyo and Kanagawa and at the official online store. The selling price is 216 yen per piece (tax included, same below).

Limited "An Butter Navona" flavor made with domestic ingredients

Kameya Mannendo "Kumamoto Navona Japanese chestnut and butter

This is a limited time flavor of the "An Butter Navona" series, a variation of Kameya Mannendo's long-selling "Navona" brand, which is made with light cream sandwiched between soft sponge cakes with a fluffy texture. It is characterized by the use of domestically produced ingredients and salty fresh butter from Hokkaido.

It is filled with sweet chestnut red bean paste made from Japanese chestnuts produced in Kumamoto Prefecture, and is said to taste best when combined with butter cream that melts in the mouth and soft dough that loosens easily. It is suitable as a gift for the New Year's holidays or as a snack at home. Calories are 231 kcal per serving.

The product is also available in multiple packages: 4 pieces (774 yen), 6 pieces (1,188 yen), 9 pieces (1,782 yen), 12 pieces (2,376 yen), 18 pieces (3,564 yen), 24 pieces (4,752 yen), 30 pieces (5,940 yen).