Kanro "ububu Candy Honey Lemon Soda Flavor

Kanro will sell "ububu candy, honey lemon soda flavor," a compact candy with a cute appearance to lift one's spirits. It has a content of 26g (0.92oz) and is priced at 138 yen (tax included).

ububu Candy Honey Lemon Soda Flavor

ububu Candy" is a candy that makes the most of the candy's cute appearance, with its small, round, round shape and beautiful coloring, to bring a little more fun than usual and add color to everyday life. The exquisite white, yellow, and blue-green candy colors are made with a careful balance of sparkling colors and a sense of lightness, creating an exceptionally cute appearance. The flavor is a honey lemon soda flavor with a refreshingly simple sweetness.

The clear packaging, which was popular for the first batch, is also used for the second batch, which is unusual for a confectionery product. The clear package design is popular among the younger generation for bags and apparel shoppers, as it allows the user to "see what's inside" and "give the product a personal touch. By making the front of the package clear, the marbled pattern of the candy is clearly visible, doubling the cuteness of the candy's appearance. Just by carrying it around with you, you can create a sense of comfort and a trendy look.