Chirorucho "Petirol [Christmas Pack]".

Chirorucho will release "Petirol [Christmas Pack]" on October 24, 132g (4.66oz) (12g (0.42oz) x 11 bags), at an estimated price of 324 yen (including tax).

Petit Rolle [Christmas Pack

Petit-Rolls, first introduced in 2020, are colorful and cute shaped Tyrol chocolates. The trapezoidal shape has been reduced to 1/24th the size of a single piece (compared to the company's bulk product), making the petite size easy for even small children to eat. Five types can be enjoyed in a single bag: milk, strawberry, banana, melon, and kinako (soybean flour).

Tyrol Chocolate "Petit Rolle".

The "Petit Rolle [Christmas Pack]" is the popular Petit Rolle packaged in Christmas style. The individual packages come in a total of eight cute limited edition Christmas designs (individual package designs are enclosed at random) and can be enjoyed as decorations. There are five flavors: milk, strawberry, banana, melon, and a Christmas-only white flavor.

Chirorucho "Petirol [Christmas Pack]".

Chirorucho "Petirol [Christmas Pack]".

Tyrol Chocolate

Chiroruchoco was born out of the desire to "deliver to children the luxury chocolates of the time for 10 yen. In addition to the standard popular products, a variety of collaborative products, seasonal products, and challenging new flavors have been released, bringing the total number of flavors to over 500.