Kaki-no-tane (Kaki-no-tane) Milk Chocolate & White Chocolate

Kameda Seika will sell "Kaki-no-tane Milk Chocolate & White Chocolate", a jointly developed product with Meiji, from October 31 to the end of November. The estimated price is around 280 yen (excluding tax). Handled at supermarkets nationwide.

Kaki-no-tane Milk Chocolate & White Chocolate from Kameda

Kaki-no-tane Milk Chocolate & White Chocolate from Kameda has been sold for a limited time since 2015, and is such a popular winter product that some say they like it so much they hoard it. Kaki-no-tane from Kameda," a collaboration with Meiji's chocolate, has long been accepted by people for its taste since it was first sold together with almonds in 2009. This year, "Kameda's Kaki-no-tane Milk Chocolate & White Chocolate" will be available again for the winter season only, meeting expectations.

The spicy, crispy, and savory "Kaki-no-tane" from Kameda is topped with a generous amount of Meiji's original chocolate, which enhances the milkiness of the kaki-no-tane and gives it a sweet and sour taste. Two different tastes can be enjoyed: the rich sweetness of "milk chocolate" and the mild sweetness of "white chocolate".

The luxurious taste, which is only available during this season, is perfect as a snack when you want to take a breather with a cup of coffee. You can enjoy the delicious combination of sweet and savory tastes.