Ginza Sembikiya "Ginza Chocolat Bread
(Image exhibited on the official Ginza Sembikiya website)

Ginza Sembikiya and Patisserie Ginza Sembikiya announced on their official website that "Ginza Chocolat Buns" will be available at their stores only from October 17. The selling price is 864 yen per piece (tax included). On the official online store, a set of three pieces of Ginza Chocolat Bread and a set of one piece each of Ginza Chocolat Bread, Ginza Raisin Bread, and Ginza Marron Bread are available, priced at 3,240 yen each (including tax and shipping charge).

Ginza Sembikiya Ginza Chocolat Bread

Ginza Sembikiya "Ginza Chocolat Bread

Aromatic orange peel and Belgian bitter chocolate are crossed to create a rich and moist texture. The moderate sourness and bitterness of the orange peel is well balanced with the bitter chocolate, whose grains remain beautiful even after baking, and the bread is said to have a mature taste. When eaten warm after toasting, the flavor of cacao spreads in the mouth along with the gorgeous aroma of orange.

It is sold at Ginza Sembikiya Ginza main fruit store, Ginza Sembikiya Tsukiji store, New style Ginza Sembikiya Roppongi Hills store, Patisserie Ginza Sembikiya Tokyo Gift Palette store, and Patisserie Ginza Sembikiya x Hanazono Mantou Chapot Funabashi store. It is said that it may not be handled depending on the availability.