Ohayo Milk Industry "Zexutsu Kajitsu Wakayama Hassaku & Yogurt" (luxury fruit Wakayama Hassaku & Yogurt)

Ohayo Milk Industry Co., Ltd. will release a new product in its "Zetsu-kasu Kajitsu" series, which combines yogurt and fruit in a luxurious way, called "Zetsu-kasu Kajitsu Wakayama Hassaku & Yogurt. The product will go on sale on October 18. The product weighs 125 grams and is priced at 178 yen (tax included).

Zexutaku Kajitsu Wakayama Hassaku & Yogurt

Zexutaku Kajitsu Wakayama Hassaku & Yogurt combines the fresh, juicy, and bittersweet flavor of Wakayama Prefecture's hassaku fruit pulp with mild, rich yogurt. The large-sized, chunky hashaku fruit pulp and the grains of hashaku mixed in with the yogurt give the yogurt a satisfying taste and texture, as if fresh hashaku were added to the yogurt.

After the hashaku fruit is harvested in Wakayama Prefecture, it is cleaned, and the hard outer skin is carefully peeled by hand at a processing plant in the same prefecture before being processed into raw materials. Thanks to the time and effort put in by the craftsmen, the fresh texture and rich flavor are preserved in the yogurt.