Kyoto Shinshindo "Stollen

Bakery "Shindo" is now accepting reservations for "Stollen," a traditional German Christmas pastry. Reservations can be made through the official online store.

Founded in Kyoto in 1913, Shinsando began making Stollen around 1965. The company's predecessor brought back a stollen he had met in Germany and baked and sold them, learning from the experience of others at a time when few people in Japan knew what stollen was. For more than 50 years since then, Shinshindo has been steadily making improvements every year and has nurtured and spread Stollen in Kyoto. The flavors and aromas of the matured dough and dried fruits spread in your mouth. ...... There are three kinds of Stollen from Shinsando. The lineup is as follows.


Four kinds of dried fruits soaked in Grand Marnier, two kinds of nuts roasted to a golden brown, and marzipan are lavishly mixed into the dough to create the classic Stollen. You can enjoy the moist and deeply matured taste. The price is 3,240 yen for a 495g (17.46oz) piece and 1,440 yen for a 210g (7.41oz) piece (tax included).

Kyoto Shinshindo "Stollen


Stollen with marzipan filling wrapped in dough mixed with plenty of roasted almonds. It is also recommended for those who have given up on Stollen because they do not like rum raisins. 3,600 yen for approx. 535g (18.87oz), 1,680 yen for approx. 240g (8.47oz).

Kyoto Shinshindo "Mandelstollen

Premium Stollen

The highest quality marzipan romassee from Lübecker, Germany, is wrapped in a dough filled with dried fruits and nuts and baked. The marzipan absorbs into the dough day by day, increasing its richness and creating a unique, chunky texture. This is truly a premium Stollen to enjoy the deep flavor of ripening nurtured over time. It weighs approximately 765g (26.98oz) and is priced at 5,400 yen.

Kyoto Shinshindo "Premium Stollen