Suehiroan "Oimo Purin" (sweet rice cake)

A new autumn product, "Oimo Plin" made with a generous amount of Tokushima Prefecture's specialty Narukinagaruki (Narukinagaruki sweet) will be on sale at the six directly operated stores of Suehiroan confectionery in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Oimo Purin

Oimo Purin" will go on sale on October 15 as part of the "Wagashiya-san no Purin" series made from ingredients used in Japanese confectionaries. The product is made from a sweet potato paste called "Narutokintoki," a specialty of Tokushima Prefecture, which accounts for about 40% of the ingredients. In order to enhance the flavor of the ingredients, the amount of sugar is reduced to the utmost limit. In addition, the "method of carefully backing the sweet potato and heating it slowly at a low temperature" has resulted in a surprisingly smooth and sticky texture.

You can enjoy the taste and sticky texture of the sweet potato itself. The texture is just like eating sweet potato with a spoon. Each pudding contains 279 kcal.

Limited quantities available, priced at 440 yen per piece (tax included). The pudding will be available until early December.