Ippudo "Reissue Shoyu Tonkotsu

Ippudo will start selling "Kaihatsu Shoyu Tonkotsu" on October 16th. The price is 980 yen for a regular size (tax included), with an additional 150 yen for a large portion. A large portion comes with white rice.

Ippudo Revival Shoyu Tonkotsu

Shoyu Tonkotsu" first appeared as a seasonal menu item in April 2021. Some people have called for it to become a regular menu item because of its satisfying combination of Ippudo's unusually thick noodles and a soup with a punchy flavor.

This reissue of Shoyu Tonkotsu uses the same extra-thick noodles (about 3 mm thick) as the previous version. A regular serving has a hefty 260 grams of boiled noodles. The soup is a combination of Ippudo's mild tonkotsu (pork bone) broth based on soy sauce soaked in garlic and sweetened with chicken oil. You can enjoy it in your own way by adding the special toppings of grilled pork chashu pork and spinach. It is also recommended to wrap the rice in seaweed soaked in the soup.

The soup will be available at a total of 120 Ippudo, IPPUDO RAMEN EXPRESS, and RAMEN EXPRESS Hakata Ippudo stores. Some stores are closed on certain days or have shortened business hours. Ippudo's official app's "Birthday Coupon", "Premium Coupon" and "Shareholder Coupon" are not applicable. Also, you cannot refill thick noodles.