Ministop "Negi-shio (green onion and salt) steamed buns".

Ministop will sell "Negi-Shio Niku-Man" (meat buns with green onion salt). The release date is October 14. The price is 139 yen per piece (excluding tax). The calorie count is 226 kcal.

Negi-Salt Steamed Buns

This salt-based steamed bun uses two kinds of Japanese brand leeks: the aromatic Kujo leeks from Kyoto Prefecture and the sweet Fukaya leeks from Saitama Prefecture. The meat is made with juicy pork ude and textured pork thigh, and the flavor of the meat is enhanced by adding rock salt, which goes well with the meat. Scallop extract is added as a secret ingredient to give the dish a delicious flavor.

At the same time as the release, a receipt coupon for a 20 yen discount on the next authentic steamed bun will be issued from October 14 to October 20 with the purchase of a Negi-Shio Steamed Bun. The coupon can be used from October 14 to October 26.