Kairikiya "Garlic Back Fat Shoyu Ramen

Kairikiya will introduce a limited-time menu item, "Garlic Back Fat Soy Sauce Ramen," which will be available from October 12 and will end as soon as it is gone. The price is 935 yen (tax included).

Kairikiya Garlic Back Fat Shoyu Ramen

Kairikiya "Garlic Back Fat Shoyu Ramen

This unprecedented stamina dish is described as the strongest bowl of ramen in Kairikiya's history. Weighing 920 grams (excluding the bowl), it is made with Kairikiya's soy sauce-based chicken broth and topped with garlic and back fat.

The thick, chewy, medium-thick noodles, bean sprouts, and cabbage vegetables are well mixed with the rich broth to create a highly satisfying bowl of soup. The taste is said to be like a punch of garlic surging through you as you eat it. It is described as a soup that gives you power as if you have grown wings after finishing it.

In principle, it is sold at all Kairikiya stores, but some are excluded. It is not sold at AEON MALL Itami, AEON MALL Urawa Misono, AEON MALL Musashi Murayama, AEON MALL Kawaguchi, Pioni Walk Higashi Matsuyama, AEON MALL Mito Uchihara, AEON MALL Okinawa Raikam, and Chatan. Sales may vary depending on store availability.