Online-only "For Fall Camping! Morning Set"

At the official online store "All Hearts Mall," the online-only "Autumn Camping! Morning Set" will be available for a limited time. The sales period is until November 10. Price is 1,750 yen (excluding shipping fee). Shipped frozen.

Great for fall camping! Morning Set

The "Neko Neko Bread" is so popular that it makes you smile when you eat it! The set includes "Neko Neko Bread" and "Neko Neko French Toast" which is French toast made from "Neko Neko Bread". In addition, if you purchase this set, you will receive the popular "Yummy Cracked Chocolate Brownie" from Heart Bread Antiques, a brand well-known for its "Magical Chocolate Ring".

The "Nekoneko Bread" will be delivered thinly sliced for easy preparation of "hot sandwiches," a staple of camping breakfasts. Enjoy putting your favorite ingredients on it. In addition to hot sandwiches, you can also try various other arrangements, such as croque-monsieur and pizza toast, since the "Nekoneko Bread" delivered to you is a plain flavor that is easy to arrange.

Online-only "For Fall Camping! Morning Set"

For those who want to spend a special morning at camp but want an easy-to-cook breakfast, we recommend "Nekoneko French Toast. The French toast is delivered frozen, so all you have to do is thaw it at room temperature to enjoy it effortlessly and without hassle.

The contents are as follows

1 piece of Nekoneko Bread Plain (8 slices with ears), 4 pieces of Nekoneko French Toast, 1 bag of the world's most delicious cracked chocolate brownies