Chainsaw Man Bakage: The Best Bread Flavor

A collaboration product between the TV anime "Censorman" and "Bakake", "Censorman Bakake Saikyoku no Pan Flavor" will be on sale for a limited time.

Chanso Man Bakage Saikyoku no Bread Flavor

Chainsaw Man Bakage Saikyoku no Bread Flavor" is a bakage that reproduces the "Saikyoku no Bread" that the main character Denji eats in the movie. Two types of packages are available.

Each bag comes with a specially processed original sticker. There are six different stickers in total, designed with original-looking characters eating and enjoying the Bakake in their hands. All five characters, including the main character Denji, were specially drawn for this product under the supervision of MAPPA.

Chainsaw Man Bakage: The Best Bread Flavor

The product will be available at convenience stores and confectionery outlets nationwide (excluding some stores) from October 31. Open price. Product availability may vary by store.

Chainsaw Man Bakage: The Best Bread Flavor

A present campaign will be held on the official Twitter account of Kuriyama Rice Crackers, in which 100 people will win 10 bags of "Chainsaw Man Bakake" and a set of 5 original acrylic stands (Denji, Pochita, Power, Aki, and Makima). The application procedure is as follows

1. follow the official Kuriyama Yonekwa account (@bakauke_hoshi)
Retweet the designated tweet during the campaign period
The winner will be notified by DM at a later date.