Suntory "BAR Pomum [Melon and Vanilla]".

Suntory will release "BAR Pomum [Melon and Vanilla]" in 350ml (11.83us fl oz) cans for a limited time, priced at 156 yen (excluding tax). The alcohol content is 4%. The release date is December 20.

BAR Pomum (Melon and Vanilla)

This drink was created with the aim of creating an alcoholic drink that can be enjoyed at a bar, as well as a pleasant taste with the gentle sweetness of fruit. The drink is characterized by the gentle sweetness of melon, the gorgeous aroma of vanilla, and the pleasant aftertaste of the hidden flavors of brandy and rum.

The package is based on the image of nighttime, with a black base and a floating lamp in the shape of a melon, creating the atmosphere of a bar where one can comfortably enjoy a drink. The seasonal snow fluttering in the air and the illustration of the "limited edition MENU" signboard emphasize the fact that this is a special product that can only be enjoyed now.

Suntory's "Bar Pomum (Melon and Vanilla)" looks like it would be a good choice for an evening drink. The stylish packaging is sure to get people excited! This is a limited time offer, so be sure to check it out as soon as possible if you are interested.