Ootoya "Charcoal Grilled Fresh Sanma

Ootoya's " Char-grilled Fresh Sanma " will be available nationwide from October 14. The price is 980 yen (including tax) for a set meal of one saury and 830 yen for a single fish, and 1,380 yen for a set meal of two saury and 1,230 yen for a single fish.

Ootoya Char Grilled Fresh Sanma

Ootoya "Charcoal Grilled Fresh Sanma

This menu item, which has been available only in stores since September 26, is now on sale. Freshly caught raw sama are delivered directly to the store, grilled over charcoal, and dipped in freshly grated daikon (Japanese radish).

The fish is procured from the port where it is landed without going through a market, and is selected from the largest sama caught that year, according to the restaurant. The fish is cooked over a charcoal fire, which has a high heating effect. The far-infrared effect heats the surface of the food faster than gas grilling, and the glutamic acid, which is a flavor component, is not lost, resulting in a richer flavor. In addition, the unique savory flavor of charcoal grilling is added, and the freshly grilled texture can be enjoyed. In some stores, the grill will be direct flame.

The fish is served with grated daikon (Japanese radish), which has been grated to produce a pungent flavor that enhances the fat content of the fish. The spiciness of grated daikon gradually diminishes over time, so each restaurant prepares freshly grated daikon.