#11 "Baby Star Ramen Petit Chocolate Ice Cream," the 11th in a series of snacks that transcend the norm.

Following the previous collaboration product of "Baby Star Ramen Choco Ice Cream Bar" with Takeshita Seika, which produces and sells "Black Mont Blanc", a local ice cream from Kyushu, "Baby Star Ramen Petit Choco Ice Cream", a bite-sized chocolate ice cream covered with Baby Star Ramen, will be on sale. The product is a "#snack that goes beyond the norm. For the 11th installment of the #Overcoming the Common Sense of Snacks series, Baby Star has become a "sweet and salty" ice cream! The product will go on sale first at FamilyMart. It will go on sale on October 18. Price: 183 yen (tax included).

Baby Star Ramen Petit Chocolate Ice Cream

Since its launch in 1959, Baby Star Ramen has been made using a unique manufacturing method based on noodle-making technology. Baby Star Ramen is now available in the form of a cool ice cream. This playful ice cream is more than just ramen noodles, with an addictive harmony of sweet and salty flavors.

Rich vanilla ice cream is coated with chocolate, and then Baby Star Ramen is added. The sweetness of the vanilla ice cream and chocolate combined with the moderate saltiness of the Baby Star Ramen creates an addictive "sweet and salty" harmony.

The ice cream is bite-sized, so you can enjoy the change of texture and taste in a single bite, from the crunchy texture of the Baby Star to the melting texture of the ice cream, and from the salty to the sweet. When the ice cream starts to melt a little, it's time to "follow the baby star"! You can enjoy the crispy texture and savory flavor, and the taste changes even more.

Baby Star Ramen for "Oyashi Baby Star" is sold separately.