Ministop "Tare Sandwich

Ministop will sell "Tare Sando," a derivative product of the "Tareben" series developed with Chef Shusaku Toba, owner of "sio," which was awarded a star in the Michelin Guide Tokyo 2022, with a focus on tare (sauce) and a tare-centric concept. The price is 397.44 yen (tax included).

Tare Sando

The new Tare Sando, like the previous products in the Tareben series, was developed with a focus on the sauce, and uses "Example Sauce" and "Negi-Salt Sauce". The "sauce" and "green onion and salt sauce" are used to create a well-seasoned dish that can be enjoyed not only for breakfast and lunch, but also as a snack at night.

For the first, pastrami bacon is tossed with "Example Sauce" and black pepper is added as an accent. The sauce is mildly seasoned by combining it with cream cheese. The other is a mixture of "Negi-Salt Sauce" that goes well with potato salad. Roasted chicken slices are placed between the two to create a hearty sandwich.

The "Tare Sando" is a derivative of the "Tareben" series. If you see one, pick one up.