Lotte "Winter Choco Pie Ice Cream

Lotte Choco Pie series will release "Winter Choco Pie Ice Cream" and "Winter Choco Pie [Deep Taste]". These products allow consumers to enjoy the rich chocolaty taste that only winter can offer.

Winter Choco Pie Ice Cream

Winter Choco Pie", which allows you to enjoy the richness of chocolate that only winter can offer, will be available again this year in ice cream form. The chocolate cake, which is soft and moist even when frozen, is sandwiched between rich chocolate ice cream with a hint of cacao, and coated with chocolate. The cake batter, ice cream, and coating all use chocolate to create a rich chocolate flavor, making this chocolate ice cream perfect for winter.

The product will go on sale on October 17 at an estimated price of 194 yen (tax included).

Winter Choco Pie [Deeply tailored

Lotte "Winter Choco Pie [Dense Tailoring]".

A chocolate pie with a rich chocolate flavor that can only be found in winter. Cacao-scented chocolate cream is sandwiched between moist chocolate cake and further coated with chocolate. It is said that the best way to enjoy it is to take it out of its individual wrappings and warm it in a microwave oven at 500W for about 10 seconds to melt the chocolate.

Lotte "Winter Choco Pie [Dense Tailoring]".

The product will go on sale on October 18, 2010, in packs of 6, at an estimated price of around 356 yen (tax included).