Milk Cheesecake Caramel" from Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory will sell "Milk Cheesecake Caramel" for a limited season. The price is 2,268 yen (tax included).

Milk Cheese Cake Caramel

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory's long-selling "Milk Cheese Cake" will introduce a new seasonal flavor for this fall. The "Caramel Fromage" is made with fresh Hokkaido cream and butter, while the "Mousse Fromage" is made with fresh Hokkaido cream cheese and fresh cream. The two fromages are gently wrapped in moist crepe dough and decorated with caramel flavored crumbs. The rich caramel flavor is enhanced by a hint of soy sauce as a secret ingredient.

The following stores will be selling the product. Lumine Tachikawa store will start selling from November.

Gransta Tokyo Store (Keiyo Street), Atre Kichijoji Store, Tokyo Solamachi Store, Lumine Shinjuku Store, Lumine Est Shinjuku Store, Lumine Tachikawa Store, Lumine Ogikubo Store, Shibuya Tokyu Food Show Store, Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Tokusen Yokkaikan Store, Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Tokyo Shokuhin Kan 3 Clock Tower Mae Store, Haneda Airport Haneda Airport Terminal 2 PIER 63, EQUiA Kitasenju, Atre Akihabara 1, Lumine Omiya, etc.