Kintetsu Curry (Takayasu version)" from Kintetsu

Kintetsu Corporation will sell the second version of "Kintetsu Curry (Koan version)". The release date is October 16. The first "Kintetsu Curry (Nabari version)," which went on sale in February of this year, sold out within a few weeks of its launch, and many people asked to try curry from other company cafeterias, so a second version was developed. The price is 700 yen per box.

Kintetsu Curry (Takayasu version)

Loved by the Takayasu cafeteria for more than 40 years, curry is a popular menu item as a taste of mother's home for Kintetsu employees working at the Kintetsu Takayasu depot. Such curry has now been reproduced as a retort curry. This retort curry has a slightly spicy, adult spiciness.

It is available at Osaka Namba Station, Osaka Uehonmachi Station, Kyoto Station, Osaka Abenobashi Station, Kintetsu Nagoya Station, Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station, and Ujiyamada Station, the Kintetsu booth at "Station Festival Ting 2022 in Tennoji Park," and online sales.

Kintetsu Curry" looks like a good souvenir. Why not enjoy the "mother's taste" of Kintetsu's Takayasu garage at home?