Morihachi "Halloween Monaka", Kaga Clan's official confectioner
(All images are sourced from the official website of Morihachi, the official confectioner of the Kaga Clan)

Morihachi, the Kaga Clan's official confectioner, has announced on its official website that "Halloween Monaka" is now available. Stores will carry it from October 18 to October 31. At the official online store, reservations can be made until October 18, and the product will be on sale until October 28. The selling price is 750 yen (tax included) for a set of 3 pieces.

Morihachi Halloween Monaka

Morihachi "Halloween Monaka", Kaga Clan's official confectioner

This is a new product by Morihachi, a Japanese confectionery manufacturer and distributor in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, known for its "Choseiden" sweets. Two types of monaka, pumpkin bean paste made from "Ajihira pumpkin" grown in Nomi, Ishikawa Prefecture, and traditional monaka bean paste, black koshi-an, are each made into a monaka with a cute design of a Halloween character "Jack O'Lantern".

The 3-piece set contains 2 pieces of pumpkin red bean paste and 1 piece of black koshi-an, and the package measures 255 x 70 x 55 mm.