Ministop "Gurukul Chocolat Orange

Ministop will release "Gurukuru Chocolat Orange," a drink with rich chocolate pudding and orange sauce, from the popular Gurukuru series of "drinkable" desserts that you can drink while mixing.

Gurukuru Chocolat Orange

Gurukuru is a drink designed to taste even better when mixed together. It is a popular "drinkable" dessert.

Ministop "Gurukul Chocolat Orange

The newest addition to the Gurukuru series, Gurukuru Chocolat Orange, is the third in the series of "frappe-type Gurukuru" drinks, with the addition of crunchy ice cubes for a unique drinking experience. The chocolate pudding, which is made with Belgian chocolate and has a rich and gorgeous flavor, is the main ingredient. The refreshing orange flavor and acidity of the sauce matches the rich cocoa flavor of the chocolate pudding.

Gurukuru Chocolat Orange will be available at all Mini Stop stores nationwide from October 7. The price is 399 yen (tax included). The energy content is 431 kcal.