Cafe COMSA "Yamae Chestnut Cake" from Yamae-mura, Kumamoto Prefecture

Yamae Chestnut Cake" from Yamae-mura, Kumamoto Prefecture will be on sale at Cafe COMSA from October 6 until around the end of October. The deployment period is subject to change depending on the availability of the fruit.

Cake of "Yamae Chestnuts" produced in Yamae-mura, Kumamoto Prefecture

A recommended cake for the fall season, featuring "Yamae Chestnuts" harvested in Yamae-mura, Kumamoto Prefecture, with a mascarpone cream base decorated with Japanese chestnut Mont Blanc cream. 1 piece is priced at 1,300 yen (tax included). Price differs at the Ginza store.

Yamae Chestnuts" from Yamae Village, Kumamoto Prefecture

Yamae Village is located in the southernmost part of Kumamoto Prefecture, almost in the center of the Kuma Basin, which borders Kagoshima and Miyazaki prefectures. The village has all the conditions for growing delicious chestnuts: a basin climate with a large temperature difference between day and night, hills facing south for good drainage, and fertile red soil.

The "Yamae chestnuts," which are grown throughout the village for the purpose of revitalizing the village, have a fruit twice as large as ordinary chestnuts and are characterized by their deep sweetness and rich flavor, as well as their high sugar content. The chestnuts are highly valued for their quality and were presented to the Emperor Showa in 1977.


Offers cakes decorated with an abundance of delicious seasonal fruits carefully selected from production areas and farms throughout Japan. In order to deliver fresh taste, the amount of sugar used in the cream is reduced to bring out the original sweetness and deliciousness of the fruit, and everything is made with care by the patissier on the morning of the day.