Lotteria "HALLOWEEN Exquisite Bacon Set

The HALLOWEEN Exquisite Bacon Set will be available at Lotteria from October 13 through October 31 (except at some locations).

HALLOWEEN Exquisite Bacon Set

To make the Halloween season enjoyable with Lotteria's products, the "HALLOWEEN Exquisite Bacon Set" is a coupon plan that allows customers to enjoy Lotteria's popular burgers and side menu items at a discount for a limited time. Present the coupon from the official Lotteria website at the cash register when ordering, and you can get a set of "Zesshin Bacon Cheeseburger", "Nobi~ru Cheese Stick (2 pieces)" and "Kyoho Shake (0.25% fruit juice)" for only 880 yen (regular price: 1,020 yen) (price includes 10% (price includes 10% tax).

Excellent bacon cheeseburger

This burger is made with long bacon that resembles a ghost's tongue. The excellent cheese hamburger patty is coarsely ground beef up to about 8mm, seasoned with salt, pepper and oregano, and grilled to a juicy texture with Gouda and red cheddar cheese, topped with two folded layers of aromatic long bacon that has been slowly smoked with an original blend of cherry and chestnut chips. The patty is topped with two folded layers of long, aromatic bacon, smoked with an original blend of cherry and chestnut chips.

Lotteria "Zesshin Bacon Cheeseburger

Nobi~ru Cheese Sticks (2 sticks)

These sticks resemble a witch's flying broomstick. The batter, seasoned with garlic powder and onion powder, has 100% mozzarella cheese trapped inside, and the crunchy outside stretches out to a thick, melty cheese inside.

Lotteria "Nobi~ru Cheese Sticks (2-pack)

Kyoho Shake (approx. 0.25% juice)

A Halloween-inspired shakes in a variety of colors. The milk-based shakes have a rich yet refreshing aftertaste and are flavored with kyoho grapes.

Lotteria "Kyoho Shake (approx. 0.25% juice)