Anmitsu Mihamashi "Kabocha Anmitsu", "Aisu Monaka (pumpkin)
(Image source: Anmitsu Mihamashi official website)

Anmitsu Mihamashi announced on its official website that "Kabocha Anmitsu" and "Aisu Monaka (pumpkin)" are now available as seasonal menu items at Anmitsu Mihamashi. Both of them are served with pumpkin ice cream and will be available from October 4.

Kabocha Anmitsu

Anmitsu Mihamashi "Kabocha Anmitsu", "Aisu Monaka (pumpkin)

Kabocha Anmitsu" is a dish of red bean paste topped with creamy special kabocha ice cream that has a natural sweetness. It is said to be a slightly westernized version of the traditional Japanese anmitsu. The price is 760 yen (tax included).

Aisu monaka (pumpkin)

Anmitsu Mihamashi "Kabocha Anmitsu", "Aisu Monaka (pumpkin)

The "Aisu monaka (pumpkin)" is homemade pumpkin ice cream sandwiched between crispy monaka crusts. The calorie count is estimated to be 133 kcal per serving.

The ice cream can be stored frozen, but it should be eaten as soon as possible to prevent the flavor from being damaged. The Ueno main store and the Tamagawa Takashimaya S.C. store (*taka is a separate letter) sell them as souvenirs, while the other stores sell them for eating. The Matsuzakaya Ueno and PARCOYA stores are excluded. The selling price is 300 yen.