Seijo Ishii "Seijo Ishii Yakiimo Butter" (roasted sweet potato butter)
(All images are sourced from Seijo Ishii's official blog)

Seijo Ishii announced on its official blog that "Seijo Ishii Yakiimo Butter" is now available.

Seijo Ishii Yakiimo Butter

Seijo Ishii "Seijo Ishii Yakiimo Butter" (roasted sweet potato butter)

This product uses paste made from "Beniharuka," a Japanese sweet potato with high sugar content and a moist texture. According to Seijo Ishii, sweet potatoes are stored after harvesting, and the starch is converted into sugar, which makes them sweeter. The sweet potatoes used in this product are stored for two months until they reach a state known as "mitsumo" (honey), which enhances their sweetness.

Furthermore, the sweet potatoes are baked in a gas oven heated to 160-170 degrees Celsius for 40-80 minutes before being processed into a paste, which gives it a savory flavor that cannot be experienced with steamed sweet potato paste. The aroma of baked sweet potatoes and the richness of butter can be tasted as soon as you eat it, making it an autumnal dish.

It is made with just the right amount of viscosity to fill the jar, and the filling is done by hand. The sweet and savory taste makes it ideal for use with croissants and other breads that are rich in butter, and it is also suitable for use with pancakes and ice cream.