Jolly Pasta "Fluffy Monte Bianco

Jolly Pasta will be offering "Fluffy Monte Bianco". It will be available from October 6 to late December. The price is 649 yen (tax included, same below).

Jolly Pasta Soft and Thick Monte Bianco

Jolly Pasta "Fluffy Monte Bianco

In addition to its pasta menu, Jolly Pasta offers a variety of standard dolce (sweet dishes) such as "Jollipa Pudding," as well as seasonal limited edition dolce, such as the "Soft and Thick Monte Bianco.

According to Jolly Pasta, "Monte Bianco" means "Monte" (mountain) and "Bianco" (white) in Italian. Italian pudding and marron gelato wrapped in crepe and topped with a generous amount of marron-flavored melt-in-your-mouth cream, the dolce is said to resemble a snow-covered mountain. Mixed berries and bittersweet roasted sugar chips are used inside, and astringent chestnuts are used as toppings to accentuate the flavors and textures.

It will be available at all 304 Jolly Pasta restaurants. It will be available at all 304 Jolly Pasta restaurants, and will be eat-in only, not To go.