Akagi Nyugyo "Castella style ice cream bar

Akagi Nyugyo will release a new ice cream product, Castella-like Ice Cream Bar, on October 11. The company claims that the product uses eggs, milk, sponge and burnt popsicles to create a taste as if one were eating sponge cake.

Sponge cake-like ice cream bar

The "Castella Style Ice Cream Bar" is an ice cream bar that is the size of a slice of sponge cake. In addition to its size, the ice cream bar is made with eggs, milk, sponge, and a burnt popsicle that gives it a taste similar to eating sponge cake. In addition, by adding a layer of coarse lime to the tip of the ice cream, the product also offers a change in texture.

Akagi Nyugyo "Castella style ice cream bar

The package is designed with a retro brown coloring and an illustration of a sponge cake.

The "Castella Style Ice Cream Bar" is expected to be priced at 162 yen (tax included). It will be available nationwide from October 11.