Chara Deco Kirby 30th Anniversary Cake" commemorating the 30th anniversary of Kirby's birth.

Bandai Candy Division has started accepting reservations for "Chara Deco Hoshi no Kirby 30th Anniversary Cake". The price is 4,480 yen (tax included / shipping and handling charges not included).

Chara Deco Kirby 30th Anniversary Cake

This "Anniversary Cake" commemorates the 30th anniversary of Kirby's birth. The cake can be decorated with Kirby's cute expression using the chocolate plate and chocolate pen included in the set. The cake is made up of three layers of strawberry mousse, vanilla-flavored mousse, and sponge dough, and when you bite into the cake, the fluffy texture and sweet and sour taste will fill your mouth.

This original cake is also sandwiched with white crunch and strawberry jelly. The set also comes with an originally designed plate on which the cake can be placed, allowing you to recreate the scene of Kirby sucking on the cake when it is cut.

The contents of the set are as follows

1 cake
2 chocolate plates (eyes)
2 chocolate plates (cheeks)
1 chocolate pen
1 plate (melamine)
1 instruction manual