Shiseido Parlor "Christmas sweets 14 pieces

Shiseido Parlor's "Christmas Sweets 14-piece Set" will be available in limited quantities from November 1 at Shiseido Parlor stores nationwide, mainly in department stores, and at the official online store. The retail price is 2,160 yen (tax included).

Shiseido Parlor Christmas sweets 14-piece set

Shiseido Parlor "Christmas sweets 14 pieces

Shiseido Parlor "Christmas sweets 14 pieces

The package design is based on the theme of a Christmas party held in a palace deep in the forest, led by the European robin, the symbol of Christmas. The sparkling tin, decorated with a chandelier light that signals the beginning of the festive party, is filled with three kinds of crunchy chocolates. The tin contains six milk chocolates, four each of strawberry and caramel chocolates.

The milk is packaged in a green wrapper with a crisp black cocoa biscuit kneaded into it. It is considered a flavor covered in gently sweetened milk chocolate.

The caramel is contained in a pink wrapper and contains slightly bitter caramel powder and a crunchy caramel crunch. It is wrapped in milky white chocolate.

Strawberry is a white wrapper, based on milky white chocolate and accented with a crunchy texture and sweet and sour strawberry powder.

It is marketed as a gift for friends, family, loved ones, or as a winter souvenir.