Morinaga Biscuit "Chocolate Chip Cookies 50% off Sugar" and "Almond Cookies 50% off Sugar

Morinaga Seika Morinaga Biscuit series will release "Chocolate Chip Cookie Sugar 50% Off" and "Almond Cookie Sugar 50% Off," which focus on the flavor and taste of the ingredients.

Chocolate Chip Cookies 50% off Sugar

Almond Cookies 50% off Sugar

Chocolate Chip Cookies 50%Off Sugar" and "Almond Cookies 50%Off Sugar" are designed to satisfy both "good taste" and "health" in response to the voices of people who want to eat sweets but are concerned about sugar content. Ingredients used have been devised. Sugar is replaced with protein and dietary fiber, and the sugar content is reduced by 50%.

The chocolate chip cookie with a luxurious taste of chocolate chips and the almond cookie with fragrant almonds, each with a satisfyingly robust filling, are said to be as satisfying and tasty as the usual cookies.

Both will be available in the Chubu and Kansai regions from October 11 (excluding convenience stores and station kiosks). Estimated price is 270 yen each (tax included).