A "Gutto Bite of Teira" from CONGALI Bunmeido, a baked confectionery of artisanal bakers.

Miniature Castella "Gyutto Hitokuchi Teira" will be sold under the new brand "Takumi no Baked Confectionery CONGALI Bunmeido" exclusively at the Shinjuku Isetan store. The release date is October 5, 2010, and each box contains three pieces, with prices starting at 810 yen (tax not included).

Gyutto Hitokuchi Teera

The idea behind "Gyutto Hitokuchi Teira" was to make it easier for people to enjoy sponge cakes. The addition of MIEL Shinjuku honey creates a new type of sponge cake with a moist texture.

The individual packages are easy to hand out as souvenirs. The bright yellow package is a cute design that makes you want to pick it up and give it as a gift. The tray is designed to keep hands clean, making it easy to enjoy Castella anytime, anywhere.

Takumi's Baked Confectionery CONGALI Bunmeido

This is a new brand by Bunmeido Tokyo that brings together the "baking techniques of master bakers. The store's name, "Kongari," refers to the way in which the baking process is carried out by craftspeople, who carefully watch the color of the baked goods to ensure they are baked to a fragrant aroma.