EpPRONTO "W Chocolate Doughnut"

EpPRONTO will sell a series of "W Choco Doughnuts". The two varieties are "W Choco Doughnut Raspberry" and "W Choco Doughnut Crispy Nut. The release date is October 4. The price is 275 yen each (tax included).

W Choco Doughnut Series

The "W Choco Doughnut" series is a series of freshly deep-fried chocolate doughnuts dipped in a rich chocolate filling that chocolate lovers can't get enough of. The "W Choco Doughnut Raspberry" is filled with the flavor of chocolate and the sweet and sour taste of raspberries, while the "W Choco Doughnut Crispy Nut" offers the crispy texture and nutty aroma of almond praline. These new sweets from APRONTO are great for in-store, To go, or souvenirs.

The "W Choco Doughnut" series by APRONTO is a delight for chocolate lovers. Be sure to check it out!

Some stores do not offer this service and some stores have different prices. Prices shown are for in-store dining and tax included. Tax included prices for To go are different.