Suntory "Horoiyoi (Flowering Pear)" and "Horoiyoi (Strawberry Sparkling)".

From Suntory's "Horoiyoi" series, "Horoiyoi〈Hayagu Pear〉" and "Horoiyoi〈Strawberry Sparkling〉" will be available. The limited time offer. The release date is December 6. They will be priced at 148 yen (excluding tax) and contain 3% alcohol by volume.

Horoiyoi [Hayagu Pear Sparkling

The flavor was designed to have a mellow aroma of pears and a juicy taste as if you were eating the fruit. The package is based on pear-inspired colors and depicts a snowy scene in addition to the illustration of the fruit and a glass to express a sense of the season.

Strawberry Sparkling

The strawberry sparkling wine has a gorgeous flavor that harmonizes the sweet and sour taste of strawberries with the full-bodied flavor of wine. The package is based on strawberry-inspired colors and depicts a fluted glass, fruit, and fireworks in the winter night sky to express a festive year-end atmosphere.

The "Horoiyoi" series

Since its launch in 2009, the "Horoiyoi" brand has been a long-selling alcoholic beverage with a gentle and pleasantly enjoyable 3% alcohol content that is popular among people of all ages. It is also popular for its diverse flavor lineup.