Beard Papa "Mont Blanc Puff with Astringent Chestnuts

Beard Papa, a cream puff specialty store, will sell "Mont Blanc Puff with Shibuhaki Chestnuts" for a limited time only. The release date is October 1.

Mont Blanc Puff with Shibuhaki Chestnuts

The "Mont Blanc Puff with Shibuhaki Chestnuts" is a rich cream filled with richly flavored Shibuhaki chestnuts and baked in the store every day to a crispy puff pastry that has the texture and rich taste of Mont Blanc cake. This is a popular item every year. Priced at 240 yen per piece (tax included, same below). The product will be on sale until October 31.

Twig Puff

The much talked-about collaboration cream puff, "Koeda Puff," has also been on sale continuously since September. The crunchy texture of the twig and the exquisite taste of chocolate, almonds, and puffs have been recreated. It is a cream puff with an irresistible crunchy taste that lingers in the mouth. Priced at 270 yen.

The tax rate is 10% for eat-in customers at some stores, and the selling price will differ.
Sales period and items may change, or may not be available at all stores.
The black grains in the cream are vanilla beans.