Coolish x Snow Brand Coffee

A collection of ice creams just released this week. The five products are Koolish x Snow Brand Coffee, Lemand Ice Belgian Chocolate, Roanne Ice Belgian Chocolate, Patire Temptation Strawberry, and Nibbled Butter Ice Cream.

Coulish x Snow Brand Coffee

The "Coolish x Snow Brand Coffee" is the first ever collaboration product with Coolish to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Snow Brand Coffee sold by Snow Brand Megmilk. The product is made in the image of Snow Brand Coffee, which has a nostalgic sweet coffee flavor.

The design of the package features the Snow Brand Coffee product itself and its logo, making the collaboration easily recognizable. The price is 162 yen (tax included). The product will go on sale on September 19.

Lemandt Iced Belgian Chocolate

Lemand Ice Belgian Chocolate " is an easy-to-eat monaka type ice cream with a whole miniature crepe cookie "Lemand Cocoa" inside. Four Lemand cocoa cookies are contained in a four-quart monaka.

Lemande Iced Belgian Chocolate

The Belgian chocolate used for the ingredients is dark chocolate with a rich, bitter cacao flavor that is brought out through a process of kneading at high temperatures. The ice cream is said to be finished with a sense of cacao. The price is open to the public. The product will go on sale on September 19.

Roanne Ice Belgian Chocolate

Roanne Ice Belgian Chocolate " is a chocolate ice cream sandwiched between two "Roanne" gaufrettes filled with vanilla cream. The ice cream is wrapped in a chocolate coated coating to give the chocolate and ice cream an integrated taste. Belgian chocolate is used to bring out the cocoa and milk flavors, and the bittersweet taste and gorgeous aroma are said to be enjoyable. The price is open to the public. The product will go on sale on September 19.

Roanne Ice Belgian Chocolate

Patire Temptation Strawberry

Patire Temptation Strawberry " is a strawberry ice cream that focuses on the fruitiness of strawberries and the texture of white chocolate chips. The use of strawberry pulp gives the ice cream a bite-size bite that fills the mouth with the texture, tartness, and sweetness of strawberries. In addition, a slight amount of raspberry liqueur is used to enhance the berry flavor. The estimated price is 150 yen (excluding tax). The product will go on sale on September 19.

Patire Temptation Strawberry

Nibbling Butter Ice Cream

When it was first released in February 2021, it became a hot topic of conversation, especially on social networking services, and sold far more than initially anticipated. In recognition of its popularity, the product won the "Excellent Hit Award" at the 40th Food Hit Awards held by the Japan Food Journal in 2021.

nibbled butter ice cream

Such "gnawing butter ice cream" will make a comeback on September 20. The price is 162 yen for a pack of one, and 410 yen for a pack of five.