Gummies Italian Muscat flavor

Bourbon will release "Gummies Italian Muscat Flavor," a "sweets ice cream" that combines muscat gummy bears with muscat flavored ice cream to create a soft texture even under frozen conditions.

Gummi Eats Italian Muscat Flavor

Gummi-tsu" is a four-piece Monaka ice cream. Each one is filled with gummy beads that remain soft even when frozen, creating a new type of "snack ice cream. Gummi-tsu Italian Grape Flavor" is a member of the Gummi-tsu series.

The new "Gummies Italian Muscat Flavor" is a combination of sweet and sour gummy bears made with Italian muscat grape juice and muscat flavored ice cream with a refreshing taste. The fresh muscat flavor can be enjoyed from the beginning to the end.

Gummies Italian Muscat Flavor will go on sale nationwide on October 3. It will be sold at mass merchandisers and drugstores.

It will be sold at mass merchandisers, drugstores, retail stores, and kiosks. It is also available at some convenience stores.