Burger King 43% savings "2 kokuoku (nikotoku)".

Burger King is holding a "2 for 1 (Nikotoku)" campaign. This campaign offers two of your choice of "Smoky BBQ Whopper Jr.

2-for-1 (Nikotoku)

This campaign allows customers to choose two of the three products of their choice for 500 yen (tax included, same as below) and will run for two weeks from September 23 to October 6.

The products available are "Smoky BBQ Whopper Jr.", a new standard item using "Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce" with a rich and astringent smoky taste, "Whopper Cheese Jr. Spicy Whopper Jr. Two of the same item can be selected.

Each item is priced at 440 yen, and the 2-for-1 (Nikotoku) deal, which is 500 yen for two items, is a 43% discount.

Popular combinations are as follows

No. 1: Whopper Cheese Jr. + Smoky BBQ Whopper Jr.
No. 2: Whopper Cheese Jr. + Whopper Cheese Jr.
No. 3: Smoky BBQ Whopper Jr. + Spicy Whopper Jr.

Burger King 43% savings "2 kokuoku (nikotoku)".

The set with French fries (M) and a drink (M) will be offered for 800 yen. Please note that some stores are not eligible for this offer.